WUP Endu+race Lemon 40 Packs Effervescent Powder

Price : $24.00

Before / During - Electrolyte + Carbohydrate + Caffeine

Other Option : WUP Carb3+ Lemon 24 Packs

BBD: 12.03.2026

It contains carbohydrates to provide the necessary energy support during sports, it contains sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium together with caffeine and natural lemon flavor to replace the electrolytes lost with sweating. With WUP Endu+race, you will be able to maintain your liquid electrolyte balance while meeting your energy needs during activity. With its easily metabolized carbohydrate content, you will reach the carbohydrate energy you need faster. Sweetened with natural stevia, no artificial sweeteners.

  • 800MG

  • 200MG

  • 400MG

  • 120MG

  • 150MG

  • 80MG

  • 0,55MG

  • 5GR


Way of Use

It is in powder effervescent form in sachet, it is easy to transport and dissolve in water. It should be consumed by mixing with 500 ml of water. It is recommended for all levels of sports and physical activity. Depending on the type of sport, weather conditions, length and/or difficulty of the activity, the amount of use can be increased in consultation with the trainer/expert.


It helps to meet the energy needs of the body. It helps maintain fluid electrolyte balance, reduce cramps, headaches and fatigue. It helps to prevent the feeling of thirst. It contains Magnesium Citrate, which is the fastest form to pass into the muscles. Magnesium Citrate is more successful in preventing cramps due to magnesium depletion, especially during long activities. Each sachet contains approximately 1.5 cups of coffee (150mg) caffeine and helps you stay active during activity.

-View Importance of Electrolytes in Sports Here-

  • It meets the body's energy needs with carbohydrates.
  • It maintains fluid and electrolyte balance.
  • It does not contain artificial sweetener.
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