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What Are Our Principles?

  • Believes in the unifying power of sports; we value the determination and talents of athletes. 
  • We try to overcome difficulties by supporting each other, we celebrate success together.
  • We believe that there is no progress without taking risks, and we learn from mistakes.
  • We take care to protect our world and to benefit from its resources without depleting it.
  • We always choose plain and healthy options for the benefit of athletes.
  • While making important decisions, we listen to the athletes and their preferences.
  • We follow innovations and aim to grow with innovation.

WUP products, which aim to increase the endurance and performance of athletes in line with there principles, are classified in 3 main categories depending on the type and intensity of the activities performed; Hydration, Energy ve Recovery.


The idea of WUP sports nutrition matured when 2 people experienced in both sports and business came together first as friends and then as professionals, thanks to sports. So who are we? Tolga Ünal and Faruk Kar… We contributed to the formation of WUP in line with our own experiences and interests. Both we and many of our athlete friends had to use products of hard-to-find foreign brands to increase their performance and meet their electrolyte, energy and protein needs, so we focused primarily on these types of products with the wup brand.

My introduction to sports started with swimming. The water polo sport that I have been doing for 4 years in K.S.S.K has helped me a lot both physically and in character. But after that, I stayed away from sports from 18 till 40 due to my working life after university. Before I was 40 years old, I met Faruk Kar, who was first my trainer and then became my friend, I had both a weight problem and hypoglycemia due to an unhealthy diet and a sedentary lifestyle. Thanks to the special attention and programs of my trainer Faruk Kar, I continued to do sports with a desire similar to the excitement in my early years, rather than a sense of obligation. Especially starting to run changed my life, I ran on asphalt first and then trail. By adding cycling to swimming and running, I switched to triathlon.
    • • Young National Water Polo Candidate Squad
    • • 3 Marathons PB 3.32
    • • 2 Ironman 70.3 PB 5.24
    • • 2 Ultra Marathons
    • • Iznik Sprint Triathlon Bronze Medal
    • • 2 Samsung Bosphorus Swimming Races
When I was only 8-9 years old, my biggest dream was to get lost in a storm in a vast desert. Since that day, I have been trying to get lost in the deserts and mountains. I continued my passion for running, which started in high school, as a distance runner throughout my school years. This passion would encourage me to become a physical education teacher in the future. After graduating from MÜ BESYO in 1996, I started teaching. During my teaching career, I also trained many athletes by coaching. For the last 10 years, I have been successfully representing our country in adventure races and ultra-marathons. In order to promote the natural and cultural beauties of our country to the world, I organize competitions in adventure races and ultra-marathons.
    • • 2006 The Raid World Championships/CANADA
    • • 2008 Patogonia Expedition Race/CHILE-Third
    • • 2008 Patogonia Expedition Race/CHILE-Third
    • • 2011 Vernon Endurance Race/GREECE-Second
    • • 2011 Vernon Endurance Race/GREECE-Second
    • •2012 Lycian Ultra Marathon (240 km)/TURKEY-First
    • • 2012 Cappadocia Ultra Marathon (240 km)/TURKEY-Second
    • • 2012 Ordos Nadam Adventure Challenge/MONGOLIA
    • • 2013 The North Face Lavardo Ultra Trail (85 km)/ITALY
    • • 2015 Lycian Ultra Marathon (240 km)/TURKEY-Second
    • • 2016 UTMB-PTL Ultra Marathon (300 km)/FRANCE
    • • 2016 Gloria Ironman 70.3/TURKEY
    • • 2017 Lycian Ultra Marathon (120 km) 6G Category /TURKEY-First Kategorisi/TURKEY-1.si
    • • 2018 UTMB Ultra Marathon CCC (101 km) 6500/FRANCE
    • • 2019 UTMB Ultra Marathon OCC (55 km) 3500/FRANCE

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