WUP Pro Box Sports Nutrition Starter Kit

Before / During / After - Carb3+, Upgrade, Endu+race, Hydractive, Podium Energy Gel and Flask

Other Option : All Products

WUP Pro Box has the ideal product content and distribution that can meet the electrolyte, energy and protein needs of athletes for all kinds of sports. In this way, it offers you all the necessary sports nutrition in a single box so that you can discover your limits and aim further. You can also consider WUP Pro Box as a gift alternative to encourage your loved ones who are interested in sports or want to start.

  • CARB3+

    1 Jar

    1 Tube

    5 Sachets

    5 Sachets

    4 Packs

    1 Piece

Way of Use

Hydractive is in effervescent tablet, Podium Energy Gel is in liquid gel, Endu+race, Upgrade and Carb3+ are in effervescent powder form. Products in effervescent tablet and powder form should be dissolved in 500 ml of water and consumed. There is no need to dissolve the product in liquid gel form in water, it can be consumed directly. They are recommended for sports and physical activities of all levels. Depending on the type of sport, weather conditions, length and/or difficulty of the activity, the amount of use can be increased in consultation with the trainer/expert.


Carb3+ and Podium Energy Gel support the body's energy needs and replenishment of muscle glycogen stores with carbohydrate supplements. Endu+race and Hydractive help maintain the body's fluid and electrolyte balance, reduce cramps, headaches, thirst, and fatigue, thanks to electrolyte and caffeine supplements. Upgrade helps to increase the rate of regeneration by providing new muscle gain and repair of existing muscles with BCAA and Glutamine protein supplements necessary for the structure of the muscles.

-View Importance of Nutrition in Sports Here-

  • It helps maintain fluid and electrolyte balance.
  • It meets the energy needs of the body with carbohydrates.
  • It accelerates the regeneration of muscles and body with protein.
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