WUP Upgrade Strawberry 15 Packs Effervescent Powder

Price : $17.00

During / After - BCAA + Glutamine + Electrolyte + Carbohydrate

BBD: 20.02.2027

During sports, muscle tissue destruction (Atrophy) occurs. After this destruction, muscle fibers repair themselves in a thicker form (Hypertrophy). Thus, the muscle becomes stronger and more voluminous than before. The necessary material for this repair is protein. The building blocks of protein, which have been found to be used more in muscle building, are also branched chain amino acids. WUP Upgrade contains Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine, which are also essential amino acids. It has been found that muscle building is accelerated when taken immediately after exercise. It is natural strawberry flavored.

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  • 500MG

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  • 51MG


Way of Use

It is in powder form in sachet, easy to transport and dissolve in water. It should be consumed by mixing with 500 ml of water. It is recommended for all levels of sports and after physical activity.


It supports the regeneration of muscles and body. It contains Magnesium Citrate, which is the fastest form to pass into the muscles. It helps to maintain fluid and electrolyte balance, reduce cramps, headaches and fatigue. It helps to prevent the feeling of thirst. With the support of carbohydrates, it supports the re-storage of the body's decreased energy resources.

-View Importance of BCAAs in Sports Here-

  • It accelerates the regeneration of muscles and body.
  • It maintains fluid and electrolyte balance.
  • It increases stamina.
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