WUP Boost ISO Isotonic Energy Gel Orange Flavor 14 Packs 45 gr

Price : $18.00

Before / During - 2 Types of Carbohydrate + Electrolyte & Salt

TETT: 14.02.2026

Isotonic WUP Boost ISO Energy Gel, which can be used before or during sports, provides the energy needed by the body quickly and effectively in activities requiring high effort/endurance, with a total of 25 g of carbohydrates of 2 different types in one sachet (45 g). Failure to replenish glycogen stores can cause fatigue, poor performance and loss of endurance in athletes. Thanks to its 2 different types of carbohydrate content, your body's energy needs are supported in an optimized manner throughout the activity. With sweating, the body loses electrolytes as well as water. For this purpose, it also helps you maintain your liquid and electrolyte balance with a total of 485 mg of Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium support. There are 14 piece of 45 gr sachets in a box of natural orange flavored isotonic WUP Boost ISO Energy Gel. Thanks to its new registered sachet packaging, it is very easy and practical to use.

  • 25 GR

  • 485 MG


  • 81 MG

    SODIUM (Na)
  • 40,5 MG

  • 40,5 MG


Way of Use

It is in liquid gel form in a new registered sachet packaging. There is no need to dissolve it in water, it can be consumed directly. It can be easily absorbed and consumed thanks to its easy-to-open packaging during activity. It is recommended for all levels of sports and physical activity. Depending on the type of sport performed, weather conditions, length and/or difficulty of the activity, the amount of use can be increased by consulting the coach/expert.


It supports meeting the energy needs by renewing the body's muscle glycogen stores. It prevents performance degradation. It helps reduce symptoms such as cramps, headaches, thirst and fatigue by maintaining fluid-electrolyte balance. It contains Magnesium Citrate, which is the fastest form to pass into the muscles. Magnesium Citrate is more successful in preventing cramps due to magnesium deficiency, especially during long-lasting activities.

-View Importance of Carbohydrates in Sports Here-

  • It prevents poor performance and feeling of fatigue.
  • It helps maintain liquid electrolyte balance.
  • It replenishes muscle glycogen stores with 25 gr of carbohydrates.
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