WUP Podium Energy Gel Caffeine Mint 12 Packs 50 gr

Price : $20.00

Before / During - Carbohydrate + Apple Juice Concentrate + Caffeine

BBD: 16.10.2025

WUP Podium Energy Gel, which can be used before or after sports, effectively provides the energy needed by the body in activities that require high effort/endurance, with a full 30 gr carbohydrate in a pack (50 gr). It also accelerates recovery by supporting the depleted glycogen stores after sports. Failure to replenish glycogen stores can cause fatigue, decreased performance and loss of endurance in athletes. Thanks to the easily digestible carbohydrate content, you can reach the energy you need during sports faster and you will not have stomach problems. Unlike similar products, caffeine and real apple juice concentrate are used in the content of mint flavored WUP Podium Energy Gel. Thanks to the apple juice concentrate, the sugar content is kept at a low level and a unique taste is provided. Caffeine support reduces the use of glycogen and increases the use of fatty acids, delaying the feeling of fatigue and making you feel more active.


  • 50 MG

  • MINT

  • 30 GR

  • 120 KCAL


Way of Use

It is in liquid gel form in sachet. There is no need to dissolve in water, it can be consumed directly. Thanks to its easy-to-open package during activity, it can be practically absorbed and consumed. Recommended for all levels of sports and physical activity. Depending on the type of sport, weather conditions, length and/or difficulty of the activity, the amount of use can be increased in consultation with the trainer/expert.


It helps to meet the energy needs of the body. It supports the renewal of the body's muscle glycogen stores. It prevents loss of performance, loss of endurance and feeling of fatigue. Apple juice concentrate helps strengthen of immunity. Its special carbohydrate content ensures that energy needs are met quickly. Caffeine provides the protection of muscle glycogen, which is the energy store in the muscles, delaying fatigue and increasing the use of energy from fat stores. It also increases the level of epinephrine (adrenaline) hormone in the blood.

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  • It delays the feeling of fatigue and makes you feel more active with caffeine.
  • It meets the energy needs of the body with the special carbohydrates it contains.
  • It replenishes muscle glycogen stores with 30 gr of carbohydrates.
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